Drama Queen Dog Bandana - Pink

Drama Queen Dog Bandana - Pink

  • $13.65

Size: Small

Bring out your dogs need for attention with the Drama Queen Dog Bandana in Pink!

  • Tie on bandana.
  • Hand wash
  • 100% Polyester
Why We Love It:

This Drama Queen bandana is perfect for adding a bit of personality and creativity to any dog's outfit and it can also be easily worn by itself. The bright pink and white colors make the bandana more eye-catching, along with a beautiful crown shape. Available in two different sizes, these 100% Polyester bandanas for dogs will suit a vast range of breeds. Bandanas are made to tie on, so no buckles to mess with. While these sizes fit most breeds of dogs, we recommend rolling the bandana to desired look before tying around the pets neck. Mix and match for more colorful styles with plain shirts or other bandanas sold separately.

Sizing Information:Small: 14" Square that is easily folded in half to create look needed.Med/Large: 22" x 22" x 31" Pre-cut triangle

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